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 League Rules

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PostSubject: League Rules   Sun Jul 06, 2008 4:31 am

1. Activity is required. What this means is that if you are inactive for 5 days, without messaging an admin, that you are on vacation, or explaining a reason, you will receive an email pertaining to the inactivity. Upon the reaching of a week, you will receive your second and last email, this one is a warning. Upon 10 days, you will be removed as GM and replaced. This Forum can only run efficiently when the GM's are active.

2. Do not carry conversations about anything not pertaining to the topic in a forum. For instance do not talk about what you are doing in a topic, or don't talk about free agent's in the Trade Block category.

3. You MUST have Contract Points, Rookie Draft picks, Trades, Depth Charts, Free Agent Picks, Contract Extensions, etc, within your Team Forum.

4. Please do not Post ANY Threads that are not of dire importance in League Announcements. This is primarily for the "structural posts" of the league.

5. Once you select a team and make a transaction on that team, you can not switch teams anymore.

6. You are not allowed to have multiple sigs. It is absolutely annoying having to scroll down pass a bunch of different sigs just to see the next post. Also, sigs are not allowed to be overly large.

7. If you have suggestions or issues, DO NOT make Polls, or make bigger issues out of them, people your concerns in feedback or contact an administrator.

8. No Fighting with other members.

9. No Cussing

10. If a member of the forum does not want to trade a player, please do not force the issue. You will be removed from the forum if necessary.

11. You will be given only 3 warnings until you a removed from the forum.

12. The Administrator has the right to take over the team if you are removed from the forum until a new member signs up.

13. The Trade Committee votes on all trades. All trades need 3 yes votes to pass, and all decisions are final. You may try to re-work trades or ask an admin how the trade may be passed, but please do not take any frustration out on the TC or admins because your trade did not pass.

14. Members must be present during drafts and ect. If you are not present, players will be placed on your team according to need by the admin.

15. Trash talking will be allowed to a certain point and keep it in the trash talking forum.

16. All players on your roster must have overall, age, and contract length beside their name at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

17. DO NOT update your depth charts until the trade has been posted in the approved trades section.

18. Do not make posts in forums where they do not belong. For example, do not post Trade Block, Trade Offer, or things of this type of nature in General, Other, League Announcements, etc. Put them in the forum/thread where they belong.

19. If you mess up your depth charts and we have to fix it three times, We can dismiss you from this forum.

20. Keep track of your total number of players and always keep it posted at the top of your roster.

21. When 1 year contracts are posted, you will have 2 weeks to finalize them. If you fail to do this, all 1 year contracts will go into the free agency pool for the next season.

22. Absolutley NO posting new topics in League Announcements if your not an Admin.
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League Rules
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